Blasts to close A7 at Falahill for 14 weeks

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THE clearance of significant sections of rock on the Borders Railway route started this week at Falahill, as engineers blast their way through it using explosives.

The rock blasting work, which is scheduled to last 14 weeks, involves two explosions a week and requires the temporary closure of a section of the A7.

Motorists have been warned that delays of up to 10 minutes are possible due to the explosive operations, which will each be carried out at around 1.45pm.

While no rock is expected to be blown onto the road from the site, the project team are taking no chances and will inspect the road prior to re-opening it.

Hugh Wark, project director, said: “During the blasting period, we will have to close the A7 briefly but will keep closures to an absolute minimum.

“We apologise in advance for any disruption caused during this time.”

Twenty-four hours ahead of each blast local properties will be sent a warning letter outlining the work to be undertaken. A siren will also be sounded five minutes and one minute before the blasts.

The rock removed will be will be used to build road embankments at Heriot and Fountainhall.