BGH cleanliness assurance

Health chiefs have moved swiftly to reassure the public over recent discoveries of poorly cleaned patient equipment at the BGH.

NHS Borders was responding to a report by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate issued today (Tuesday, August 12), following an unannounced visit to the Borders General Hospital in June.

The purpose of the inspection was to assess progression on the six requirements and one recommendation made at previous inspections in October and November, 2013.

The report says NHS Borders has fully met four of the requirements from last year’s inspection in relation to the sharps management policy, linen management within the Special Care Baby Unit, appropriate storage of breast milk and the enhancement of bathing facilities in Ward 12.

NHS Borders has also partially met the requirement around full completion of documentation relating to peripheral vascular catheter insertion.

However, on the day of inspection, the inspectors identified patient equipment within two wards that had not been cleaned to the standard expected.

These findings led to the conclusion that the requirement to ensure that ‘all patient equipment is clean and ready for use’ was deemed not to have been met.

Director of Nursing and Midwifery at NHS Borders, Evelyn Rodger, said: “Whilst we are pleased the majority of requirements from last year have been met, the findings and photographs taken of inappropriately cleaned equipment on the day of inspection were completely unacceptable.

“I would like to give my assurance that these were isolated incidents and that immediate action was taken to ensure that these one off matters remain precisely that.”