Beware of creating a memorials menace

The Westerleigh Group which owns the crematorium at Melrose is trying to change conditions that were wisely imposed by Scottish Borders Council when planning consent was given.

Westerleigh wishes to increase revenue by turning some of its land into what it calls a “garden of remembrance”. This is a favourite policy of those who run crematoria, and it goes against the whole reason for them. It creates another graveyard with no rules about what standards are applied.

Those of us who spend quite a lot of time at such places see an undignified litter of polished marble, teddy bears and plastic flowers which spoil the ambience of what can be a beautiful site.

It is to be hoped that councillors will stick to their guns about this and not allow a host of memorials to spoil this successful venture.

Reverend John Grover

Buccleuch Chase

St Boswells