Better up 
in space 
than on 
our roads

The anger and frustration felt by drivers about the state of our roads is entirely understandable. Potholes crater surfaces leaving motorists with costly repair bills.

It’s probably an exaggeration to say they can be seen by astronauts high above in the International Space Station. But the spacemen are almost certainly enjoying a more comfortable ride than those using roads in the Borders – and admittedly in many other parts of Scotland.

Experts say that 46.3 per cent of our regional network is in need of repair. In the worst-roads-Scotland league table, that puts the Borders 28th out of 32.

That doesn’t make good reading.

And neither does the fact that up to £90million in capital spending alone will be needed over the coming five years to put take our roads to an acceptable standard.

Cash-pressed SBC will have to make harsh decisions when it sets its budget next week. Spending on roads is expected to be pegged . There is no easy solution. But it would be potty to carry on as they are doing. The situation will only get worse.