Betrayal of regiments a national disgrace

Your article, “Top general’s call to support Royal Regiment of Scotland” (Southern, January 20), is a nonsense and more propaganda from the supporters of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

If Andrew Graham cared about the Scottish regiments he would not support the abolition of the one-day pay scheme to the former Scottish regiments. This one day’s pay was vital to the regimental associations – it has now been lost and is devastating to the Black Watch, the Highlanders, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, the Royal Scots, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and, of course, the King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

On top of that all the former Scottish regiments are laying up their colours – a very symbolic gesture that is the clearest statement that those regiments are no longer living, breathing entities. Of course gone are cap badges and uniforms, and there is essentially no trace of the former regiments, with the MoD and Army insisting that press releases to the media refer to the former regiments as 1Scots, 2Scots and so on.

It is devious and dishonest for anyone to suggest that the antecedent regiments are absolutely crucial – the actions of Andrew Graham and supporters of the super-regiment say the opposite to their claims. It was true then and remains true now – the Scottish regiments have been betrayed and it is a national disgrace.

I will never support the unwanted replacement.

Jeff Duncan

Campaign to Reinstate the Scottish Regiments