Berwickshire and Lauder farms hit by thefts

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Farms along the coast in Berwickshire and in Lauder have been targeted by thieves, police have revealed today.

The incidents happened at various locations over the weekend and officers are seeking information, with thousands of pounds worth of property stolen.

Several items of property including a generator, garden strimmers and a petrol chainsaw were taken during these thefts.

In addition, a Ford Focus car and diesel fuel was also taken.

Officers are now urging anyone who remembers seeing suspicious activity in or around Borders farmland over the weekend to contact police immediately.

Farmers and rural workers are reminded to take the appropriate security measures to ensure their home or business is not an easy target for criminals.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Farms and rural properties are often considered attractive propositions for would-be thieves, given their remote locations in many instances.

“However, by making sure that your land is properly secured will deter criminal activity.

“Outbuildings and vehicles should always be locked securely when unattended and where possible, alarms and CCTV cameras should be considered.

“Ensuring items of value are stored out of sight will also help protect your property and storage containers for fuel should also be placed in areas that are not easily visible to other members of the public.

“Anyone looking for more information on crime prevention can contact their local policing team.”