Beer ad harks back to bad days of sexism

It was with great surprise and disappointment that in the last edition of The Southern Reporter, I came across the advertorial on a Scottish Borders brewery that uses blatant sexism to promote itself.

As a woman, and a beer enthusiast, I find the suggestion that this feather-clad blonde model is “a game bird” or that she is “up for it” as a foxy blond to be insulting to the well-informed female craft beer drinkers and to all in this industry. The Scottish Borders Brewery’s tasteless advertorial is offensive not only to all women who enjoy craft beer but to everyone in this industry who has worked incredibly hard to engage women in their products and to distance themselves as far as possible from the Neanderthal sexploitation which the advertorial’s sexual innuendos highlight.

I feel that this article has transported us all back to circa 1973 and the pathetic advertising and PR campaigns of that era, a style of advertising that I thought had long become socially unacceptable.

While I might expect such cheap PR from a company who has already hijacked our region’s brand identity for commercial gain, I am surprised that you are supporting such an overtly sexist publicity stunt. Do you feel you share the same target market of stereotypical male beer drinkers?

If the best advert for the quality of this brewery’s products is blatant sexism and gutter innuendo, it is one beer I will never be consuming.

While I am all for supporting local businesses, I am quite frankly very disappointed with the publication of this article. I would expect more from the quality of your newspaper.

Annika Meiklejohn

The Cobbles Inn, Kelso