BAWA fundraising thanks

On behalf of Borders Animal Welfare Association, I would like to thank everyone who helped us with fundraising over the summer.

The charity has held an open day, coffee morning and sponsored walk, all of which took a lot of organising and planning. We could not have managed without the efforts of our volunteers.

The public supported the three events so well that the charity has made more than £2,000.

Borders Animal Welfare Association aims to provide a high standard of care to our animals, including training and socialisation for dogs, cats and rabbits, to allow them to find a new home more easily. Many dogs come to us with behavioural problems and we find that time spent on training and socialisation reaps rewards in turning a timid animal, or one with behavioural problems, into a well-behaved companion.

We are funded totally by the public’s generosity, so please accept our thanks for your help over the last few months. It has been invaluable.

Julia Romanes

(acting chair, Borders Animal 
Welfare Association)