Barrowland Ballet’s Tiger Tale in Peebles

Barrowland Ballet (prod) - Tiger and Tiger Tale_ Photo by Brian Hartley
Barrowland Ballet (prod) - Tiger and Tiger Tale_ Photo by Brian Hartley

PEEBLES’ Imaginarium children’s arts festival brings Barrowland Ballet’s ‘Tiger Tale’ to the Eastgate Theatre on Monday, October 14, at 2.30pm.

The company is touring with two shows – ‘Tiger’ and ‘Tiger Tale’ – both telling the same story: ‘Tiger Tale’ through the eyes of a child and ‘Tiger’, through the eyes of an adult.

The story is of a family falling apart: a daughter who longs for someone to play with; a mother who has forgotten what it’s like to go outside; and a father frustrated by the monotony of their daily routine.

The family’s everyday world is turned upside down when a tiger comes to visit: “It is chaotic, it is dangerous, but an awful lot of fun, as their guest slowly makes them remember what it is they love about one another,” writes Barrowland’s Wendy Niblock. “Could it be that sometimes each of us needs a tiger in our lives?”

The show was co-created by Robert Alan Evans (Pondlife McGurk) and choreographer Natasha Gilmore (Glasgow Girls), with music composed by Kim Moore (Zoey Van Goey) and design by international designer, Fred Pommerehn. Both pieces combine dance, music and theatre.

The name Barrowland Ballet reflects this East Glasgow-based, contemporary dance company’s unique mix of popular culture and high art, as well as their belief that dance is for everybody.

“The work’s challenging themes are delivered with wit and humour,” writes Niblock. “The insightful observations of human behavior and relationships enable audiences to identify with the stories in a multitude of ways as they resonate with their own experiences.” Tiger Tale is for six years and upwards and lasts 45 minutes. Tickets cost £6/£4. Contact 01721 725777 or go to for more.