Barriers bid for the Haugh

Plans are afoot to have barriers installed at the Common Haugh in a bid to keep townsfolk safe during any future floods, writes Jason Marshall.

Friday, 27th May 2016, 7:24 am
Updated Friday, 27th May 2016, 9:27 am

Councillor Stuart Marshall, also chairman of the local volunteer flood group, told last week’s Common Good Fund meeting that until the town’s flood relief scheme was up and run-
ning, he thought a barrier system was something
that they should look seriously at.

He added: “It would give much better control of keeping people out of the Haugh in times of emergency, and I wondered if this committee would consider the cost of putting up barriers of some sort which would shut the Haugh off.”

Councillor Davie Paterson said he backed anything that would keep people safe,
while fellow local member Ron Smith said he had absolutely no problem about exploring what type of barrier could be used and how much they would cost.

Fund chairman George Turnbull: “We’ll take this
forward and get costings