Bank deposits cash for TD1

The Galashiels-based Eildon West Youth Hub (TD1 Youth Hub) is set to benefit from a grant of £10,077 from the Bank of Scotland (BoS) Foundation.

The foundation this week announced a whole raft of awards being made under its Small and Medium Grants Programmes, ranging from £2,500 to £12,500, which will benefit a wide range of charitable causes, including mental health, the elderly and young people.

Overall, a total of £214,560 will be awarded to 26 Scottish charities and TD1 manager, Douglas Ormiston, says the cash will give a real boost.

“This is for a new 15 to 19s Transitions Project and will fund a part-time worker who will engage with those in this age range, helping them with making transitions from youth to adulthood with issues such as tenancy, support with financial literacy and supporting those most vulnerable to make positive choices,” explained Mr Ormiston.

“I am delighted that BoS has agreed to join our range of funders supporting those young people who most need support within Galashiels and the surrounding area.

“We look forward to working with a range of other agencies to ensure young people are supported and know about it.”

The Bank of Scotland Foundation has distributed over £4.7million to more than 700 charities since its launch in 2010.