‘Bampots and dreamers’ back Waverley line

Bampots, dreamers and Waverley line trainspotters who believe a train will miraculously transform our area, please try to remember the costing incompetence of the Scottish Parliament – witness the costing incompetence of the glorious Edinburgh tram.

Jim Brown, Lorne Anton and any other train enthusiast bampots would be better off looking at investing in magic beans or maths education.

Such parasitic dreamers, developers and constructionists specialise in incompetence – it is their vested self-interest to blindly promote such nonsense.

Try to imagine the extras to be added through crap planning when the Waverly extravaganza is complete, at a cost of well over half a billion. Jim, how many tourists arriving from Princess Street at Tweedbank, to then take a taxi to Abbotsford house, will it take to prevent the wonderful railroad from losing money each day?

Perhaps Jim Brown, Lorne Anton and the bampots could mull over these sums while driving from Berwick via Jedburgh to Stranraer and back a few times, on the fabulous road network they have created.

A far more beneficial use of the vast network of railway lines in the Borders would be to reopen them as cycle paths and walk ways. This would help further establish the Borders as one of Britain’s leading cycle and walking tourism destinations, as well as promoting fitness and environmentally friendly transport to borderers.

Cyclists could arrive by train at Berwick or by car and embark on a safe and peaceful tour of the entire Borders, avoiding our unappealing road network. For more thrills, a stop at a mountain bike track could be incorporated. One cannot vist Innerliethen without noticing the popularity of cycle tourism and the economic benefits it brings.

Perhaps a final calculation for the bampots would be to work out which of these proposals – the Waverley line train or cycle path network – is more economically and environmentaly viable to our area. I hope the penny finally drops.

Tom Douglas