AV system open to abuse

I would like to contradict the statements in last week’s letters page with regard to the alternative vote (AV).

If our present system of voting is past its sell-by date, then so is the democratic system of government.

The people who are being given the opportunity to vote on a system intended to be beneficial to political parties are the same people in Scotland who were refused the right to vote for a single transferable voting system imposed on us with regard to local government.

We can see what has happened to local government – we no longer have local councillors representing the people, but dictating to us through a concordat enabling the Scottish Government to work jointly with councils to push through what is in their interest. We no longer have transparency or accountability by councillors and politicians. It is through the new system of local government that the Scottish Government has been taking the assets of greenfield sites under its control through the implementation of planning development authorities, and the introduction of city regions to enable Edinburgh to take control of the Borders.

The AV system is wide open to abuse of the democratic rights of the citizens of Scotland. It is also misleading for those in favour of alternative voting to claim that it is fairer and more representative of the people. It is not – under it those elected are getting into power not on their own votes, but through votes given to other, but unsuccessful, candidates.

What the people of Scotland apparently have forgotten is that this present system of government for north of the border was legislated for by the Westminster Government.

If the same system of voting is used for selecting our MPs, Scotland will no doubt soon cease to be Scottish.

Mrs A. G. Allan

(community councillor)

Glenburn Avenue