Ashley’s booted up for wedding – thanks to Spanish TV programme

Ashley Baird of Kersmains Farm near Roxburgh who recently spent a week at a Spanish Boot Camp to lose weight for her wedding.
Ashley Baird of Kersmains Farm near Roxburgh who recently spent a week at a Spanish Boot Camp to lose weight for her wedding.

A BORDERS bride-to-be is fit for her big day after a week on a pre-wedding boot camp – and she has the royals to thank.

For Ashley Baird of Kersmains, Kelso, was asked to take part in a documentary on what brides do before the big day, for screening in several European countries, and in Japan, ahead tomorrow’s ceremony.

The charity development officer was invited to do a fitness and weight-loss week in Andalucia, at the Spanish branch of the Camp. The UK’s first boot camp is in Galloway.

She said: “It was absolutely brilliant. It was a huge physical and emotional challenge, it was a really tough week but it got results and we were supported the whole way through by a team of highly professional and incredibly encouraging staff.

“They made every day such good fun – all this while losing weight and getting fit and making great new friends!”

The women-only group exercised throughout the day and ate three small, healthy meals and two snacks a day.

“You would think that in quite stressful situations with restricted food and exercising from 6.30am to 8.30pm with 21 women we would get a bit tetchy but there was nothing but support and encouragement for each other – that was really lovely,” said Ashley.

The results speak for themselves for she lost 7lbs and 3cm each from her waist and hips, increased her muscle mass to 40 per cent – and dropped 1.5 per cent fat, “which they said was a really good result in a week,” she told us.

“I am an awful lot fitter and I’ve got this energy and attitude and am enjoying exercise and enjoying seeing the results, which I’m loving”, she said.

The camp did morning PT including press-ups and sit-ups to kick-start the women’s metabolism before a small breakfast of porridge or muesli.

Outdoor fitness included netball, using a Swiss ball, and shuttle runs. The group hiked each day and took part in other activities, including boxercise, circuit training and training in the swimming pool.

“They don’t tell you from one session to the next what you are going to do – it keeps you motivated and every day was completely different, there was no repetition.

“Every day we did a mountain walk and every day it got longer and longer until on the last day we walked for eight hours up through the mountains to this peak we had been aiming for throughout the week. And I didn’t know you could do so many exercises on a Swiss ball!

“It was great, really motivating and good fun. It was challenging as well but only as challenging as you wanted it to be: we were told to take it at our own pace – nobody got injured or was sick.”

The former military instructors were careful to make sure their clients went into the river or the pool during or after exercise to cool their muscles and help prevent muscle soreness.

“It’s all healthy eating, there’s nothing crazy,” Ashley said. “They have a top chef who’s worked in leading restaurants across the world. You were limited to quite small portions and you get the recipes the week after. You are well looked after.

“We were exercising so much, and drinking lots of water, that we didn’t feel hungry!”

She met several women who were on their second and third visits to the camp.

“Some of them made this their annual holiday. I was one of the youngest there. There were women in their 60s.”

Just over a fortnight after her full-on week, she said: “I’m more focused on my fitness and exercising in the morning – that was one thing I could never do. I’m eating more healthily and have smaller portions and I have a more positive outlook on things. It’s enjoyable and it feels good to feel fit.”

Last Friday she tried on her dress which is now too big, “and that was quite nice!,” she said

“This really was the best investment in myself I have ever made – for my health, fitness and wellbeing,” said Ashley. “I was quite apprehensive about doing it, especially on my own, but now I know how supportive it is I’d say just go and do it!”

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