Ardman meets Orwell

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MALCOLM Hulme, nephew of the famous land speed record holder Donald Campbell has written a children’s novel, published by Tina Sharp of Hawick, writes Christopher Wilson.

The book, Eric and the Woolly Jumpers is described on its website as being “For the young at heart”.

Tina told TheSouthern: “The book is selling fairly well, due to its appeal to both older children and adults.”

It seems that the author’s hope of attracting a wider audience to the novel are taking shape.

Tina said: “Malcolm’s outrageously inventive novel is a mischievous blend of Orwellian-style dystopia together with the irrepressible flair of an Aardman Animation. A true literary adventure.

“The adult audience are likely to be enchanted by its surreal approach and sparkling humour.”

With Tina’s description in mind it is easy to see how the novel appeals to such a broad age group. The extract given on the book’s website combines some rather darker moments with an essence of humorous fantasy.

Like his book, Hulme’s family history is steeped in adventure. His grandfather was Sir Malcolm Campbell, holder of 13 world speed records in the 1920s and 30s in the famous Bluebird cars and boats, and his uncle was Donald Malcolm Campbell another speed record breaker and the only person to set both world land and water speed records in the same year (1964).

Hulme was present at the funeral of his uncle in 2001 at Lake Coniston after his body was recovered 30 years after his death.

A long-recovered alcoholic, Hulme has had a lengthy career as an advertising photographer and lives in semi-retirement in the French countryside.

He is working towards establishing a refuge close to his home in order to support other alcoholics through the challenges of recovery.

Eric and the Woolly Jumpers is available from at £5.99.