Antisocial rule not OK

Myself and my surrounding neighbours in a block of flats in Galashiels tried and failed for a number of months, possibly even years, to get an asbo (antisocial behaviour order) served on an antisocial neighbour and their dogs.

If not an asbo, at least some kind of action or response from local authorities and their so-called support services – but to our dismay there was no action.

Myself and my own support worker wrote to several services such as the Scottish SPCA, police, social work department, community wardens, local councillors, victim support and housing associations.

After following a number of avenues and failing, I ended up having to move home. My former neighbours have sold their home and uplifted their small child to get out of the flats.

To make matters worse we had a disabled neighbour who requires 24-hour-a-day support workers to live in her home and care for her. The antisocial neighbour allegedly made threats to her and her care workers for calling the police etc.

We all believe that ASBOs can only work if they are enforced or even actioned at all.

We heard all the things we wanted to hear from the above services. However, no actual action was taken to support us.

Tina Laurie

Balmoral Road