Antidote to the overdose of referendum technicalities

Readers in the Borders, like me, may be overdosed on constitutional debates of referendum technicalities.

I went to a well attended public meeting in Edinburgh, addressed by Campbell Martin, a former SNP MSP, John McAllion previously a Labour Party MSP, and Sandra Webster, the joint spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party.

A common theme of their speeches was the kind of future Scotland they viewed as reasons for voting Yes to independence. The conclusion of these socialist arguments was a call for a united front at the march and rally for Scottish independence starting from the Meadows in Edinburgh on Saturday September 22 at 11am.

It was important to hear serious arguments that all cuts are unnecessary whether from Brussels, London or Edinburgh. The meeting also addressed the waste of billions of pounds on Trident and NATO.

The meeting proved to be the start of a debate beyond keeping the pound and the monarchy. At least it mentioned that the two single biggest contributors to Westminster Inland Revenue are oil and whisky.

Norman Lockhart