Answers wanted on independence

Alex Salmond claims that he will have Scotland self-sufficient in energy from renewable sources and that on gaining independence Scotland will be a full member of the European Union of the Regions and Cities.

The First Minister will not countenance nuclear power, has not mentioned hydroelectric, and wave and tidal generation have yet to be proven. He seems to be relying on wind turbines which do not operate if the wind is too light or too strong – so if there is no alternative source of production the lights will go out.

At present Scotland is considered by the EU to be a region of a member country and on leaving the UK it is the view of officials in Brussels and London that Scotland would have to apply to join. This would not be automatic as all 27 member countries would have to support the application – and considering the problems some have with their own regions this would be unlikely.

An independent Scotland, neither part of the UK or EU, would be unable to take control of our territorial waters to boost our fishing industry as we would not have the wherewithal to police it. The jurisdiction over much of the sea round our coast would probably have to be tested in the courts, a lengthy process, as it would depend on how the border over the water was decided – at right angles to the coast or a continuation of the land border? This, of course, has deep significance as it would determine control of much of the North Sea oil industry.

Mr Salmond is complaining about the closure of RAF bases in Scotland, but there is no way England would allow armed service installations in a foreign country, which Scotland would be after independence, especially since he has already stated that no nuclear weapons will be permitted on Scottish soil and that Scotland would not wish to be part of NATO.

It is time all opposition MSPs started to question Mr Salmond on these matters and let the people know the true state of affairs.

William W. Scott

St Baldred’s Road

North Berwick