Anger over road left to go to pot

Bill Scott of Scott Crescent, Selkirk complained of potholes in his road.
Bill Scott of Scott Crescent, Selkirk complained of potholes in his road.

Anger over the state of a Selkirk road has been voiced by a resident claiming to have counted almost 60 potholes in just 500 yards.

Bill Scott, a resident of Scott Crescent for over 40 years, told members of Selkirk Community Council at their meeting on Monday that he and his neighbours are unhappy about the road’s condition.

The 72-year-old said: “Something needs to be done about the state of the road at Scott Crescent between the junction of Clifton Road up to the junction of Dovecot Park.

“There are 59 potholes. It’s a mess. When I say potholes, I don’t just mean great big things, though, there are some that are quite deep as well as some that are quite shallow, but there are a total of 59 in the space of just 500 yards.”

He later told the Wee Paper: “There have been issues like this for the last two to three years. Most of the residents there have said they are not happy about it.

“We have raised concerns, but they are doing nothing, and we have had problems like this a few times in the past.”

However, Scottish Borders Council’s executive member for roads and infrastructure, Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar, said: “It is likely to be repaired this year, and it will be a resurfacing job, the same as we did in Douglas Place.

“It was reported a number of times last year and has been taken on board.”

Fellow Selkirkshire councillor Michelle Ballantyne called for the full re-laying of roads in the town rather than temporary repairs.

She said: “Let’s just do each road properly so that we won’t be having to constantly repair what was already done.

“We are wasting endless amount of money on potholes when what we should be doing is re-laying roads properly so that they last another 10-20 years.”

A council spokesperson said: “Officers are currently undertaking the cyclical inspection of streets in Selkirk, and Scott Crescent will be included as part of that process.

“On completion, any defects identified during the inspection process will be attended to as soon as resources allow.”