An escape to the country would not go Amis...

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In their fifth year of touring the region, Les Amis D’Onno are bringing their unique brand of cabaret to Southdean Hall, Chesters, and you could have a starring role.

The talented troupe have transformed the village hall into a veritable big top over the past few years with knife throwers, performing dogs and escapologists all taking centre stage.

All three return to entertain when Les Amis take the stage on Saturday, but the show itself will take on a different format.

If you buy a ticket for the 7pm show get ready to cast your eyes on some interesting lots from ‘Captain Cuthbert Cruikshank’s Collection of Curios’.

But unlike the type of auctions you would see at Sotheby’s, by raising your hand you won’t actually win an item, you’ll get to be part of the show instead!

“Each act will be presented as a lot to be sold to the audience,” explained performer Sue Martin.

“The ‘bidding’ will start after the act has performed.

“Instead of offering money, audience members will offer their applause.

“The act will then be ‘sold’ to the person in the audience who gives the most rousing reception.”

As Les Amis D’onno’s resident escapologist, Sue gets her fair share of applause , although she jokes that people who come to the show aren’t always keen to watch.

She told The Southern: “Some of the audience get a lot more nervous than you’d imagine.

“We have had people come along who don’t actually believe there’ll be water in the tank; instead they think the act will be some jokey imitation.

“I can assure them it’s very real.

“To try and prevent the water being too much of a shock to the system when I’m submerged I fill the tank earlier in the day so the water has time to warm up.

“I need to be thinking clearly on the task in hand; I can’t afford to be disorientated.

“It’s become almost routine now – I just have to rely on my assistant to lift the lid off the tank once I’ve escaped!”