All quiet on the Waverley front

Brian Jeffers (letters, July 7) echoes my own and many other people’s thoughts about whether Scottish Borders Council has learnt any lessons from the Edinburgh tram debacle in relation to the Waverley rail project.

Apart from Councillor Gavin Logan raising the matter at a council meeting on June 23, SBC seems to have been conspicuously silent on the subject.

It is well over 10 years since the Waverley project was conceived and there have been several completion dates given – the latest one, I believe is 2014.

When this project was conceived it was during a time of economic growth, job expansion, a housing boom and financial stability. Now the situation is very different – there is an economic slump, jobs are scarce, the housing market is stagnant, there is general financial instability and two of the three consortiums involved in the financing of the project have withdrawn.

Therefore, it seems to me this is a good time to take stock and review the whole project. This should involve the general public as well as all those connected with the project.

I am aware that cancellation of such a project requires an act of parliament, but this should not prevent SBC holding a review and involving the general public. This would give a forum for the correct, up-to-date information to be shared with the public, for the council and its members to put forward their views, and for the general public to make informed opinions and air their views.

Barbara Huckell

Whytbank Row