All is not well with NHS Borders

All is not well with NHS Borders

I would like to comment on your front-page article last week concerning NHS Borders chief executive Calum Campbell leaving “one of the best-performing health boards in Scotland”.

After four years, the cause of my pain was diagnosed on March 6 this year.

I was offered a surgical solution which I agreed to. Since then nothing has happened. I have been given numerous excuses for the reason for the delay, and in spite of complaints, I am no further forward.

Meanwhile, the pain is very much worse and I dread to think what the future holds.

Reading the Opinion column by Christine Grahame in the same issue, I have to say that her view of the treatment of older folk in the health service is correct.

In my case, I have a surgeon who wants to help me walk again, but is hampered by the administrators who will not allow him to go ahead. Treatment should not depend on non-medical staff making decisions on health matters.

My general health would improve greatly if I could walk my dogs again and take the exercise that I am being denied by the uncaring people who have no medical training.

Incidentally, I have met other patients who are also being denied treatment, so all is not well with NHS Borders.

Enid Nicholas