All but two charges dropped against Galashiels 21-year-old shot with Taser by police in Jedburgh

Howden Road in Jedburgh.
Howden Road in Jedburgh.

A 21-year-old man shot with a stun gun by police during the first incident of its kind in the country has had all but two of the charges against him dropped.

Jake Osborn, 21, pleaded not guilty to assaulting his mother, Marie Travers, at a house in Jedburgh’s Howden Road on June 18 last year by pushing her onto a bed, placing a pillow over her face and struggling violently with her to her injury.

He also denied behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and pointing a crossbow at his chest and threatening to harm himself.

Osborn pleaded not guilty to further charges of obstructing police by climbing out of a window, running away and hiding from officers and possession of a knife in Blair Avenue, Jedburgh.

He did, however, plead guilty to charges of obstructing police and possession of a lock knife.

Not-guilty pleas to placing a pillow over his mother’s face, struggling violently with her and also threatening to harm himself were accepted by the crown.

Osborn, of Gala Park in Galashiels, had sentence deferred at Jedburgh Sheriff Court until June 24 for good behaviour.

He was the first person to be shot with a Taser following the introduction of new rules by Police Scotland earlier that month restricting use of the electroshock weapons to 500 specially trained officers nationwide.