All bright on the night in Earlston

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It’s strange to walk along Earlston High Street and not have the lights on.

The street seems a lot darker after almost four weeks of the festive season bright lights. The last of the lighting was taken down on Sunday and packed away till next Christmas, and already we are discussing how to improve the displays and other ideas.

The number of villagers who took time out to say how much they enjoyed the lights makes all these cold days putting them up worthwhile. It’s when you’re packing them away you realise just how much equipment is used. Just think, someone has got to test more than 2,000 lamps before next Christmas and make sure we have enough colours; with over a mile of cabling to be taken down and boxed to make sure we remember where each one goes, and all the mobiles taken down and marked accordingly.

It’s only due to the many donations we receive, not only in monetary terms but also in kind, that we can continue to put on such a show.

So a big thank-you must go to all the people who in their own way helped to make the Earlston lights so successful, not forgetting our switching-on party who do so well to bring the village alive on that evening. The primary school put a lot of hard work in to ensure its all right on the night with our favourite pipe band from Hawick marching down High Street.

Again this would not be possible without input from our local police who ensure we have a safe evening. Our minister this year was Marion Dodd who gave the Christmas message which brings together the whole reason for the lights. It was not only the lighting committee who were active during the festive season – some of the displays put up by residents were magnificent.

Harry Cummings