Alex is still waiting for casting honour to sink in

Alex Williams is congratulated by Chairman Graham Easton
Alex Williams is congratulated by Chairman Graham Easton
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“IT’S not quite sunk in yet,” said Alex Williams yesterday, reflecting on his appointment as Standard Bearer for the Selkirk Ex-Solders’ Association.

The 43-year-old was a popular choice to cast and dip the union flag at the spectacular act of remembrance on Friday, June 17.

His appointment was confirmed at a meeting of the association in the Town Arms lounge on Sunday when he was congratulated by chairman Graham Easton.

Alex, who lives in Murray Place and is a care worker for people with learning disabilities, served with the Territorial Army (then B Company of the 55 Lowland KOSB) from 1991 until 1995, involved in home defence duties and, for a time, on standby for active service in the Gulf.

“I had a fantastic time in the TA and I’ll certainly be thinking of my old comrades on the big day,” said Alex.

The divorcee, who has a 12-year-old son, moved to the Royal and Ancient Burgh with his family from Galashiels in 1979 and completed his education at Selkirk High.

He entered the electronics industry and worked as a photo-mech operator with Signum Circuits at St Mary’s Mill. When that firm folded, Alex worked for four years as a postman before making a major career change and becoming a care-in-the-community worker with the charity Streets Ahead.

“It’s a far cry from soldiering, but it is very humbling and the job satisfaction is huge,” he told us.

Of his appointment he revealed: “I was prepared, because I was the right-hand man to Neil Davidson who did such a great job as our Standard Bearer last year.

“Even so, it’s not quite sunk in yet. It is a tremendous honour to represent the ex-servicemen and women to whom we are all so grateful in Selkirk.

“I’m busy trying to negotiate time off work to make sure I can get in plenty casting practice. It is such an exciting prospect and I am very, very proud.”

Alex has chosen Lynn Craig to be his Lady Busser.

“Lynn is the sister of my pal Martin Turnbull and her father, the late Tam Turnbull, was the Ex-Soldiers’ Standard Bearer 35 years ago,” said Alex.