Alarm over care cuts

In response to the article in last week’s Southern about Brothers of Charity care staff having their pay and conditions cut, this is a grave concern for families who have loved ones living within this organisation.

These cuts are a disincentive to retain the excellent staff employed to care for the very vulnerable in our community.

These vulnerable individuals need continuity and familiarity in their lives to sustain a stable living environment, and to make them feel safe and to give their families peace of mind.

My brother lives within the Brothers of Charity organisation and has done so for many years. My parents had peace of mind that he was safe and well looked after. The skills of the staff employed to look after him made it possible for him to live in the community rather than an institution.

Now that both my parents have passed away, it is my responsibility to ensure that he is well cared for. I promised my mum I would never remove him for this environment, but if the continuity and his well-being is not to the same standard, what other option do I have?

What about the people who do not have families to speak up for them? What voice do they have?

Maureen Hickman

Roberts Avenue