Air traffic control concerns raised over Hermitage turbines

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The organisation which manages air traffic control in the UK has said a wind farm near Hermitage Castle would have an unacceptable impact on radar.

The Windy Edge proposal by Infinis was submitted to the council on June 28.

NATS, responding to the council’s consultation on the plans, has said that the turbines, up to 121.5m high, would have an detrimental impact on the Great Dun Fell radar, with Prestwick air traffic control centre confirming that this would be ‘unacceptable’.The response states that the turbines would cause ‘false primary plots’ on the radar system.

However, the developer has anticipated this objection, and also believes the Ministry of Defence will also object as the turbines will cause ‘clutter’ on radar data from their Deadwater Fell equipment.

The developer also states within the planning application: “The impact on the setting of Hermitage Castle will be of minor significance.”