Philiphaugh pupils' farm visit
Philiphaugh pupils' farm visit

Primary 3 pupils from Philiphaugh Primary School in Selkirk were treated to a farm visit after triumphing in the Scottish Borders Farmhouse Breakfast Competition, organised by the Royal Highland Education Trust.

The children were greeted at Greenhill Farm by Karen Orr, who gave them a tour and talked about her livestock. The pupils had the opportunity to see animals close-up, including cows and horses.

They were also able to have a seat on a tractor and meet rescued baby ducklings, as well as the chance to feel a shorn Blackface sheep fleece.

The aim of the visit is to enable pupils to gain a better understanding of food and farming, and to relate the food they eat to where it is produced.

In order to win this day out to the countryside, youngsters were asked to come up with ideas on how to make porridge tastier, or to become porridge detectives and trace the route of oats from seed to bowl of porridge.

This competition ran during Farmhouse Breakfast Week in January, a national project.

In addition to the outing to the farm, each winner was presented with a £50 book token for their school and had a healthy farmhouse breakfast cooked for them at school by RHET volunteers and staff.

Prizes were funded by the Food in Schools Project and Scottish Borders Council, and transport costs were paid for by RHET Scottish Borders Countryside Initiative.