Adversity can’t stop achiever Michael

MICHAEL Bunyan, a fifth-year student at Selkirk High, is the deserving winner of his school’s prestigious Ian Wilson Award for Achievement.

Michael, pictured above, received the accolade from head teacher Wilma Burgon, acknowledging Michael’s astonishing resolve in the face of adversity, at a special ceremony, attended by his proud family.

He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in 2003 and suffered a stroke in 2007 which left him with no sight.

Despite these huge difficulties, Michael has followed a full academic programme at the school and has won a host of qualifications.

Against all expectations, he recently sat his Standard Grade English exam with the help of a reader and scribe.

Michael would normally have received his award at the school prizegiving, but along with his sister Julie and mum and dad Andrew and Susan, Michael is enjoying an action-packed holiday in Florida.