Adele’s bravery rewarded by visit to fire station

Adele with FM David Mills and Tom Pierce
Adele with FM David Mills and Tom Pierce

A COURAGEOUS Galashiels girl has been praised for helping to save her younger sister’s life, writes Kenny Paterson.

Brave Langlee Primary School pupil Adele Ennis managed to extinguish the fire which ignited on the pyjamas of eight-year-old Kacey-Lyn.

The 11-year-old’s actions resulted in a visit to Galashiels Fire Station last Friday, where she was congratulated for her efforts.

Langlee Primary pupil support teacher Anne Noble told TheSouthern: “Everybody in the school is really proud of her and her quick-thinking actions. She deserves all the praise for thinking on her feet like that and possibly saving her younger sister’s life.”

The incident took place a month ago in the Langlee home Adele and Kacey-Lyn share with mum Amanda and dad William.

While playing with matches, Kacey-Lyn, who also attends Langlee Primary, dropped one onto her pyjamas, which caught fire.

However, recalling advice by firefighters, primary six pupil Adele rushed to her sibling’s aid by placing a towel over her to smother the flames before running for help from her parents.

Mrs Noble told us: “The school receives fire safety talks from time to time from community fire officers and Adele has remembered some of the information she has received in the past and has known what to do. She then went and got her mum and dad for help.”

She added: “She had a wonderful time at the fire station. We had loads of pictures taken and Adele got to sit in a fire engine, switch on the sirens and spray a fire hose.

“She also received a letter of congratulations from the fire service’s head office in Edinburgh and a goodie bag of stuff.

“She was really pleased and had a wee party with three of her friends at the GYP (giving young people and families support) Borders office in Galashiels, which she attends weekly.

“She is a super girl and we are really proud of her.”