Adding spice to the music scene in the Borders…

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a fantastic flavour on the local music spice racks Cori Ander. In his fourth year at Hawick High School, Corin Anderson has composed two albums, Dark Sun and Apiaceae.

Music made him successful and has changed his life for the better. He is a great example of a success story.

Corin’s interest for music was originally fuelled by the Beatles. His mum and dad bought him a CD by the band and he liked it. He then came to the high school and, like a lot of people, started learning how to play.

He liked that too – and he was good at it. Corin learned keyboard, tunes and techniques and started to compose his own music. From that moment, he never looked back.

His first album was Dark Sun and the CD tells a story that is literally out of this world. He takes inspiration from experimental musician Jon Hopkins and Starsmith, who plays backing music for Ellie Goulding, he composed his own music. He told me? “I play electronic music and lots of different styles; dance, ambiance, Scottish, experimental”.

The story of Dark Sun was set on another planet and given a good sci-fi theme thanks to his electrical style. It is a great album.

Corin went on to compose a second album, Apiaceae (the name of the family of herbs coriander comes from).

Is it better than Dark Sun? Yes. This is down to two main reasons: Corin has added vocals to his music, from himself, Caroline Lamb, Leanne McFadden and Jean Firth, something he didn’t have in Dark Sun. Reason two, the album is more professional than the first.

The future looks bright for Corin. He now plays percussion in Hawick Saxhorn Youth Band and he is playing piano in a ceilidh band named Teris and Tartan. He is possibly going to compose a third album and Corin is also planning a concert, in Hawick.

When he is older, he says he would like to compose music for film or TV, or become a music teacher, “something musical” as he puts it. I am sure I am not the only one who would like to wish Corin the best of luck.

To follow Corin, you can like his CoriAnder page on Facebook or you can subscribe to MusicCoriAnder on YouTube. You can also find him on a website,, who promote young teenagers.