Adam’s nae Messiaen aboot wi’ his flute

Two exceptional young musicians bring French flute music to Kelso Music Society at the town’s high school on Sunday, January 26.

Adam Walker became principal flute of the London Symphony Orchestra at the age of 21, and is now regarded by many as among the finest flautists in the world today.

His accompanist, James Baillieu, is also highly regarded as one of the finest accompanists of his generation.

Adam and James’ programme of 20th-century works encompass a repetoire from Messiaen’s Blackbird to the languid sensuality of Debussy’s Syrinx to the virtuosic Chant de Linos by Jolivet.

In the morning before their 2.30pm concert, at 11am Adam will be holding a masterclass in the school (at a cost of £5) with three talented flautists.

The society’s Peter Podmore told us: “This will be of great interest to the many flautists locally and from further afield who want to know how he does it and it is hoped that a good number of younger musicians will be encouraged to come along as well.”