Ada on a high after taking the plunge

BREAST cancer survivor Ada McLean raised more than £300 when she skydived 10,000 feet earlier this month.

The Trust Housing Association employee from Lilliesleaf, who turned 60 in March, was raising money for Breast Cancer Care and carried out her jump from Fife Airport, Glenrothes, together with her niece Michelle McLean and Michelle’s fiance, Chris Pullinger.

Daughter Hollie McLean said: “In the run-up Mum was having serious doubts about whether she would be able to do it, but on the day, before the jump, she was ‘scared by her lack of fear’ which seemed to be worrying her more than the actual jump!

“Afterwards she couldn’t stop shaking and said ‘it was amazing, an indescribable feeling, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Not bad, just very different’.

“A few hours later whilst sitting with a glass of wine she suddenly announced, ‘I jumped out of a plane today!’.”