Abi and her life-saving habit

It’s often been claimed by the more liberal elements of our society that young people get a bad press.

Well, that’s probably true because, generally, the persons in the headlines deserve it.

So, hopefully to approval from fully-paid-up members of the shoot-the-messenger brigade, we are delighted to splash over our front page today the heart-warming story of Abi Wardle – a Galashiels teenager who is far more representative of the vast majority of today’s youngsters than the few bad apples who sully that generation’s reputation.

Abi saved the lives of her mother and brother – thanks to the first-aid skills learned, initially, to help care for her cancer-stricken father.

Her actions have deservedly been recognised nationally with the inaugural Annie Dow Heroism Award which will be presented in Edinburgh next month.

Rarely will a pair of parents be so rightly proud of their offspring’s achievements.

And still on the topic of saving lives, we’re also pleased to salute the sterling efforts of our local search and rescue teams – volunteers who go out in the most atrocious of conditions to aid the lost, missing, injured or vulnerable (see page 12).

Thankfully, the vast majority of us will never have to call upon their services – but it’s a great comfort to know that they’ll be out there should the need arise.