A72 slope to get tree works to stop future landslides

WORK is set to take place on a slope adjacent to the A72 which suffered a landslip last month.

The council has been liaising with the landowner of the ground at Nutwood, Forestry Commission Scotland, to reduce the likelihood of future slips.

They have now agreed to trim or remove larger, potentially unstable trees from the slope.

However, as the area is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, the plan has to be approved by Scottish Natural Heritage.

It is anticipated that work on the trees will be carried out over the next few weeks.

Traffic lights will remain in place on the A72 at the scene until this is completed.

The landslip occurred on April 18.

A council spokesperson said: “Survey work suggests the likely cause of the slip was the effects of the weather as no physical work has been done in this area that could have caused the movement.”