A turbine a week for SBC as groups prepare for protest

John Lamont
John Lamont

BORDERERS will join a march in Perth on Saturday to protest about the Scottish Government’s wind energy policy.

A network of opposition groups from across the region has formed, and members are aiming to demonstrate the strength of feeling to the SNP, which is holding a conference in the city.

This week, John Lamont MSP launched an attack on the SNP’s policy, after discovering that Scottish Borders Council has been dealing with a new wind turbine application on average once a week for the past 18 months.

Mr Lamont said: “Ever since the SNP started this drive to site as many wind farms as possible across Scotland, our countryside has been seen as a target for potential developers.

“This has seen floods of applications made to the council’s planning department, and these statistics show that they’re having to deal with more than one every week.

“This not only takes up a lot of time of planning officials, but also costs the council a lot of money to deal with.”

Mr Lamont added: “Statistics such as this demonstrate the damage being caused by the SNP’s relentless drive towards wind energy.

“The sooner they realise that it is not what the people of Scotland want, the better.”