A time to think about our armed forces

On Saturday, the nation celebrates the commitment and dedication of our military personnel with Armed Forces Day.

This annual event is a time for us all to think about the work of those men and women who serve in our forces. We should also remember that behind these brave individuals are the parents, partners and families of our troops. These people can sometimes be forgotten but bear the burden of service life as much as those who are serving.

The Borders area branch of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, SSAFA Forces Help, supports not only our service personnel, past and present, but also their families and dependents.

SSAFA seeks to find ways that we can help where there is a genuine need. This can be anything from support for a mother whose son has been seriously injured in conflict, to a new television for the elderly widow of a D-Day veteran. It takes just one day’s service to be eligible and that includes anyone who undertook National Service and their wives or widows.

If you or someone you know in the Borders has served in the military or has a military connection and needs help, then the local branch of SSAFA is here to assist. We can be contacted on 01361 883335.

Deborah Stokes

(Borders area branch secretary,

SSAFA Forces Help)