A tablet – just the thing to cure my laptop ills

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Sorry to bang on about Chrimbo (yet again), but this week I got one (I say one – and as I have been good this year I am living in hope that there will be many, many more goodies coming my way) of my Chrimbo prezzies.

This one has come early as, after many years of loyal service, my laptop has died. Well, not so much died as ground to a halt. And as about 50 per cent of its keys have packed in, including most of the vowels, it has become impossible to write anything.

However, they would have to go far to beat this one. It is the oddly-named Hudl 2 (yes, there was a Hudl 1, although it was just called a Hudl).

You may have heard of it – the Tesco tablet. It costs £129, comes with lots of apps (ooooh, get me with my apps), front and back facing cameras (though, admittedly, these are not its strong point, I think I will stick to my iPhone for that), and is soooooo easy to use.

I have set up my free, web-based Microsoft Word equivalent on it, and here I am, tapping away like Ernest Hemingway.

Actually, Papa didn’t used to tap away, Mr E informs me. He’s a big Hemingway fan and says sometimes Papa would spend about six months on one sentence (that might be a bit of an exaggeration on my part).

Anyhoo, it’s a great wee thing and I’m loving it.

The only drawback so far is that, being a Tescopoly product, it is equipped to play Jedi mind games with you and pull you over to the dark side of shopping from your local Teutonic discount supermarket to Tescopolis, mightiest of all supermarkets.

Even so, I (a person hugely suspicious of Tesco’s – mwah-hah-hah – evil plans to take over shopping on a galactic scale) have to admit that the Tesco-ified content is waaaaaay over on the left-swipe screen and all the good stuff (in my humble opinion)

is over on the right screens.

However, if you happen to be reading my shopping list just now, I have swiped the wrong way and I take that all back.

But to the point of this column, which was not just a big gloat about my lovely, early Chrimbo present, but the name – Hudl. Certainly, the entire family has been trying to Hudl round it to nosey at what I’ve been doing.

I suppose Hudl is like cuddle and so quite a nice, cosy word. At least it shows some imagination in the hi-tech gadget naming department. You can’t libel the dead, though I wouldn’t put it past the
 deceased – but litigious – Mr Jobs to still be on the ball.
But fans of fruit-based technology, you’ll know what I mean. Mind, there’s Amazon’s Kindle (the suggestion being that you should burn your books and use an e-reader?), and the Nokia Lumia phone. (Lumia? Do you need it to make phone calls on, or to light your way to the car on a dark, winter’s eve?)

When I was a nipper, tab was what you called cigarettes.Suddenly, Hudl doesn’t sound so odd.