Visiting Lochcarron of Scotland’s mill in Selkirk provided a trip down memory lane for some of the town’s Rotarians.

The event was part of the Rotary club’s engagement with local industry and included Rotarians’ partners and guests of the club.

The tour enabled members to see all aspects of the operation, from the selection and dyeing of wool, cashmere and mohair, all the way to the final process and marketing campaign.

For three club members the visit provided a deja vu moment as they had 124 years of experience in the knitting and textile industry between them.

Bryan Redshaw, former managing director of Gibson and Lumgair, Selkirk, joined the textile industry 40 years earlier in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Jim Porteous also retired from Gibson and Lumgair in the mid-1990s, having first entered the woollen industry at Hawick in 1950. The third Rotarian, Donald Chadwick, retired around the same time, having worked for Vyella in the UK, then in Uganda before becoming MD at Claridge Mills, Selkirk.

Lochcarron visitor centre manager Jill Richardson, right, and tour guide Tina Orr, second from right, explain the inspection process to members and guests of Selkirk Rotary Club