A really super wheeze

Otto Inglis (letters, December 11) has come up with a really super wheeze in comparing Scotland with Switzerland and reckoning that 65,000 people could demand a referendum.

It takes no great shakes of imagination that the SNP, who delight in telling us that their membership has soared from 25,000 to 80,000 or more, would then demand a referendum on independence non-stop until they got the result they wanted.

Mind you, what would be the cost of this neverendum system?

Would we have heard about this if the Yes side had won. With the price of oil falling daily, we have had a narrow squeak, and as it stands there could be a lot of unemployment in Scotland’s north-east.

Although I appreciate cheaper fuel, I take no pleasure in pointing out that what the more realistic commentators were saying has so quickly come true.

Stewart Swinton

Eildon Village