A quick way to clock up cash on the A68

Figures from the BBC show where speed cameras in the Borders are catching motorists out.

I take the view that where cameras improve road safety, they are to be welcomed. However, the location of some in this region makes me think that sometimes they are being used as a way of making money.

The statistics show that the A7 is the Borders’ most dangerous road, a fact which was recently highlighted by a tragic accident. Yet the A68 is a close second, with almost as many accidents and more serious injuries than the A7.

These two roads see roughly the same number of accidents, yet the A68 is plastered with speed cameras. If cameras were improving road safety, like they are supposed to, surely we would be seeing fewer accidents on the A68.

I’d like to see speed cameras placed in residential areas and in and around schools, not on the straights of the A68.

Until then, the overwhelming impression will remain that they are simply being used as a way to rake in even more money from motorists.

Number 120 Bus

I’m pleased that local community councils are helping out with the campaign to keep the number 120 bus.

Funding for this important lifeline service – linking Kelso, Jedburgh and Hawick – is due to be axed by Scottish Borders Council on August 15, and I agree that this is the wrong decision.

Lots of people have spoken to me about the importance of this service, particularly during my summer surgery tour. Elderly residents who don’t have a car, or who think they might soon stop using their car, need this service to travel into town from the surrounding villages. Others use it regularly for work and are worried about their jobs if the service goes.

While plenty of funding is being found for other projects in the central Borders, it is important that the other towns are properly linked by public transport.

Surgery Tour

I have just finished my summer surgery tour, which saw me visit 70 village halls across the Borders, from the Ettrick and Yarrow valleys in the west to the Berwickshire coast, and

plenty of places in between.

Over 300 residents came out to see me at some point, either to ask me for help with something, bring an issue to my attention or just have a chat.

And the same issues did come up– the importance of protecting local services and local jobs, challenges faced by farmers and fear of another referendum and campaign to break up the UK.

Just because my tour is over, it doesn’t mean I’m not available. You can get in touch via my constituency office on 01450 375948.