A no-win situation for buses and schools

I couldn’t help but respond to the letter from Richard West (Sod the customers ...) published last week.

I would like to take him to task about the Victor Meldrew-like comments he made.

Firstly, buses stop running because they are in a no-win situation – if they try and fail they are damned, if they don’t try and cease services they are damned.

They are also under pressure regarding insurance – both for damage and injury resulting from any accident. If an accident occurs the drivers and bus companies are trashed by users and accused of not taking due care.

The other point regarding teachers working half the year and then taking days off as soon as the landscape turns white.

Let me tell you something, while I can only speak from my own experience – married to a primary teacher – you haven’t got a clue.

Last year some idiots wanted to have a refund of council tax money because schools shut for a week due to weather.

During that week my wife worked every day doing school reports which would normally have been done in her own time at night and over the weekend – time when not at school – when only working half a year.

This year I’ve heard that many parents were furious that schools were open on December 1 as they could not get their children to school and were concerned about then getting them home again.

Children at one local high school turned up for prelim exams. They were cancelled and the pupils were sent to get the bus home – no bus, and then they are seen walking home on the A68 – no pavement. What a situation. The school opens and then sends the children away – by the grace of God nobody was hurt.

Again – a no-win situation.

Mr West, the weather we are experiencing is some of the worst we have seen for years. I hope you manage to get the bus to go Christmas shopping in Edinburgh soon.

David Millar

West High Street