A major issue with Borders electorate

It is unfortunate that UKIP was not invited to attend the single-issue hustings organised by Graeme Donald, a member of Lauderdale community council.

UKIP is the only political party in the forthcoming Scottish parliamentary elections that fully endorses the implementation of a moratorium on wind farms.

It was refreshing to hear that Peter Duncan later stated in a press release that the Borders has a unique landscape and one which we should not put at risk – with the sheer number and scale of wind turbines now in place, and those now proposed being way beyond what our community should have to bear.

However, it is unfortunate that the Conservative Party is not calling for a moratorium on wind farms. It would appear that Mr Duncan is but a voice in the wind (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Judging by the standing-room-only public meeting in Lauder, the proliferation of wind farms in the Borders is a major issue with voters, both at the forthcoming Scottish election and beyond. This is just another sign of how the political classes do not listen to the wishes of the people – on wind farms, light railways, trams, European Union membership, foreign aid, student fees and so on.

With UKIP’s policy of Swiss-style local referenda, the public could address these issues at local level.

Steven McKeane

Ellwyn Terrace