A cuppa can make all the difference

We live in a fast-moving world. Communications – across the street and to the other side of the world – are now instant.

There are gadgets for this and gadgets for that – mobiles, iPads, iPods, tablets, emails, electronic systems that allow you to play golf and football without leaving the livingroom. The world of today has created intense pressure in almost all walks of life. Some people can cope – others struggle. There those in our community who struggle more than others, and often they are the young – some socially disadvantaged, others trying to cope with various degrees of learning difficulties or disabilities.

There is medication and there is counselling – but what about a good old fashioned pot of tea and a digestive biscuit or a slice of cherry cake?

We’ve all heard it: “Have a cuppa, it’ll make you feel better”.

And that’s the tack being taken by Jenni and Andrew Green in Hawick. They’ve opened the Almond Tree Cafe as a charity project and are offering work placements to the young and the vulnerable. Volunteers are helping out and all profits are going to youth projects in the Borders.

They have been heartened and inspired by the reaction their project has generated and are preparing plans to move forward. They are to be congratulated and deserve public support.

Go on, have a cuppa.