A building that’s finger-lickin’ good

Council leader David Parker put to rest several rumours about what was going to be in the new Transport Interchange at the opening of the new facility, in a jokey aside.

If all the rumours of the past few months were to be believed, the building would be chockablok with several pub and store chains, as well as fast food outlets.

However, as far as the public is concerned, it will mainly be a hub joining the railway and bus networks, providing toilets, showers and ticket buying facilities, with Born in the Borders looking after the soon-to-be-completed café on the ground floor. The two upper floors will have office space – one of which is already taken up by First Bus’ operations – and conference rooms which are available to lease.

Mr Parker recalled a recent conversation he had with a lady he didn’t know at the bus station.

He said: “She said to me ‘You know son, that building there is going to be a John Lewis and it’s going to have a Kentucky Fried Chicken in it.

“And I said to her, ‘No madam, I don’t think so ... it’s going to be the new bus and rail station.’

“She replied ‘No, no, my son knows all these things you know. It’s been on the internet and it’s definitely going to have a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a John Lewis ... and that’s a great thing for the town.

“I said ‘No madam, you are not understanding ... I have been involved in the council, and I have been involved with that building, honestly it’s going to be a bus station, an interchange with the rail station. It’s going to have office space and conference facilities.

“And she looked at me and said ‘You work for the cooncil? I wouldn’t believe anything the cooncil says. That’s definitely going to be a John Lewis.

“I suppose the moral of this story is that when this magnificent new building opens to the public, some people will be very happy but some may be disappointed.”