21-year-old banned from Peebles pub for year for causing disturbance

The County Inn in Peebles.
The County Inn in Peebles.

A man has been banned from a Peebles pub for the next 12 months for causing a disturbance there including multiple assaults.

Peter Morey, 21, of Dalatho Crescent in Peebles, pleaded guilty to charges of assault to injury, possession of an offensive weapon, two other assaults, assaulting a police officer and threatening or abusive behaviour.

Selkirk Sheriff Court was told that offence was committed at the County Inn in High Street last month after Morey had been out drinking with a friend.

Graham Fraser, prosecuting, said: “They had already been chucked out of another pub and they went along to the County Inn.

“His friend was refused service because he was intoxicated, and they were asked to leave the premises.

“The friend then became involved in an aggressive conversation with other people in the premises.

“The accused went to the bar to order some food, and the comments coming from him were becoming increasingly aggressive.

“What then happened was that the accused was again asked by staff to leave and refused to do so.”

Mr Fraser then told how Morey launched an attack on a man, repeatedly punching him in the face.

At that point, the police arrived and spotted that Morey was holding something in his hand they feared to be a weapon and told him to drop it.

It was found to be a knuckleduster and it was removed from him.

Morey then spat blood and saliva into the face of an off-duty police officer seeking to intervene and then did the same to another officer.

He also kicked another officer’s legs and continued shouting and swearing in a police car.

He was taken to the Borders General Hospital at Melrose for a check-up because he was said to be hyperventilating and continued shouting and swearing in its accident-and-emergency department.

It was 10.25pm by then, and Mr Fraser pointed out that the incident had started around 6pm, showing how long Morey had been disruptive for.

He adcded that Morey could not be cautioned and charged because of his aggressive demeanour.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said: “He remembers very little about this.”

Sheriff Donald Corke said his offences could easily have led to a custodial sentence but instead imposed a 12-month community payback order with supervision and 200 hours’ unpaid work.

An exclusion order was also issued banning Morey from the County Inn for the next year.