Windfarm subsidy cut not enough say antis

A CUT in Government cash for turbine companies, announced last week, has been welcomed by a local anti-windfarm group.

The UK Government revealed its plans to cut onshore wind energy support by five per cent and put more cash into offshore windfarms last Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the anti-windfarm group, Borders Network said: “This five per cent cut in subsidy is welcome, but it is far, far too little.

“The windfarm industry is over-subsidised.

“This cut will not discourage speculative developers who are rushing to cash in on onshore windfarms as the greatest gravy train of our time.

“Windfarm owners are vastly overpaid if they produce electricity, and they are also paid handsomely not to produce electricity – at Fallago Rig in the Lammermuirs, more than £3million has been paid this year to stop production.”

Tory MSP for Ettrick Roxburgh and Berwickshire, John Lamont described the move as very welcome.

He added: “The landscape in our region has started to reach saturation point and many local residents have had enough.

“They are fed up at the negative impact these wind farms have, not only on our beautiful countryside, but also our tourism industry.

“It should hopefully take the pressure off the Borders. Every year the council is flooded with speculative applications that take up a huge amount of time and money, and it is about time that something was done.”