Watchers on the 
lookout for osprey eggs in the Tweed Valley

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Observers are keenly awaiting the first eggs of the returned Tweed Valley ospreys.

The faithful pair returned to the Tweed Valley Osprey Project’s main nest at the end of March, said the project’s information officer Diane Bennett.

“Both our ospreys seem to have returned in very good condition,” said Diane.

She went on: “The nest cameras are in position. We have two cameras to choose from for wide angle and close-up high definition pictures and a microphone has been put in place to capture all the sounds at the nest site, too, so that we can hear the excited calls when a meal is being brought in, or alarm calls if there are intruders about, as well as the variety of vocal chatter between the pair and later the chicks.

“We can also detect other forest species close by, such as jays, chaffinches and buzzards flying overhead.”

Diane said a couple of Tweed Valley-bred ospreys have turned up at the Kielder nest site this season: “We are hoping these curious birds are just enjoying a stopover holiday before moving north to the Borders to take up their own nest locations with their partners.

Footage from the nests is beamed into viewing facilities at the Wildlife Watch Room at Glentress Forest and the Osprey and Nature Watch Centre at Kailzie Gardens in Peebles throughout the season.