Two seconds for Copshaw Tub

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NEWCASTLETON has elected only its second female Copshaw Common Tub in the festival’s illustrious 13-year history – and its second Pearson.

During the hours which the polling station at the village hall was open, on wind-swept and rain-soaked Saturday night, 591 votes were cast.

Victory went by about 20 votes to local lass Lynn Pearson in a three-cornered affair. Vicky Cuthbert was the first woman Tub, in 2001.

After the announcement, Lynn jubilantly displayed the village flag – emblazoned with the Common Riding motto Purious Bunkumos – to a packed late-night dance.

Lynn is the second Pearson to be given the honour, following the pedals of her brother Martin who led the cycle cavalcade in 2007. She’ll officialy be known as Tub Pearson II. By her side and lending support will her Flake, Stuart Young.

Tub Pearson II will lead the Ride Oot Bye on Saturday, June 18 and Copshaw Common Riding day starts at 8.58am on Saturday July 2, during Newcastleton’s traditional music festival.