Tweed angling beats open for bids

Some of Britain’s best autumn salmon angling is for sale to raise money for conservation.

The Tweed Foundation’s annual auction of beats on the River Tweed takes place on Friday June 22.

Foundation biologist Dr Ronald Campbell said: “The money raised at the auction is very important, not just in itself but because it acts as seed money which we can use to generate grants and match funding. Every £1 we get from the auction we can turn into £3, £4, £5 to go towards helping conservation, management and our general work.”

Guide prices range from £100 for a rod at Maxton or two on the Upper North Wark beat, to £2,000 for three rods on Upper Pavilion near Boleside.

A charitable company, the foundation, based at Drygrange, Melrose, aims to protect and enhance the economic and social value of angling on the Tweed and the Eye.

It carries out scientific research and works to maintain the fish populations, ecosystems and habitats on the 2,000 miles of the rivers and their tributaries, while also trying to encourage wider participation in angling.

Other fishings on offer include three rods on Upper Mertoun, one at Upper Floors, another at Carham and a further variety along the length of the famous river.

Dr Campbell added: “Some lots are the owner’s personal fishing which they donate. There is quite a variety and range and there is a range in price, it’s not all the expensive beats, there is something for everybody.”

Also included in the auction this year is a new Sage One 15ft salmon rod with a guide price of £750.

The money raised from this will go towards Tweedstart, an initiative supported by the foundation, aimed at encouraging and teaching more people to fly fish and teaching them about freshwater conservation.

Bids must be in to the foundation by 5pm on Thursday June 21.

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